This blog post is going to cover how I set up this website, how I am hosting it & what issues I have encountered.

Setting up the project

I was introduced to Hugo through Luke Smith’s youtube video on it. I then did my own research on it and decided that I wanted to build a website using it, as my CSS skillset is nigh nonexistant.

So I ran that first hugo new site command, and I fell in love. I have always liked Markdown and the idea of making a website based on it just rung true, as my alternatives where to use pandoc to convert the finished markdown documents just didn’t appeal to me.

So, once I had written my Markdown files, I had to select a theme and I ended up landing on KeepIt by LiuZhichao.


I looked around the major hosting providers that operate in the United Kingdom, and I landed on Hostinger.

Honestly, there wasn’t really much that specifically drew me to them, apart from the nice looking cpanel.


So far, I’ve actually not ran across any major issues.